Things I don’t understand?

10 04 2008

1. Staring?! elli 3al yemeen ye6ali3 elli 3al yesaar, willi waraa y6ali3 elli jeddaamhum, welli bil-ba7ar ye6ali3 elli bil-seemaa? welli bil beit y6eloon min il-deresha? sh7aga? burj moraqaba 7a6eenik wana madri?

2. za3a6eee6, esbayaan chasing girls? my dear, It’s 2008! get a job or edris 7ag imte7aan il-emlaa’


3. OLD-men (OOOOOOOLD) 50’s o eshla3 foug, SABIGH SHUWARBA loun fa7mey, ya3ni mathalan hatha elli kaan nagsik? laa, o not only this, o ham, chasing young girls? shtabi bil thab6? huh


4. Girls who dress up to go to work, o ehya ma3a rayelha dara3a? inzen mino aham min il-thaney?


5. Leaving your baby all day with the khadama? jad, sh7aga mitzawja? laa oo tabeen osra sa3eedaa? ed3eeli 3al osra =] (note: gilt all day, mo bas 7azat dawam, fe farg =p)


6. Colored-contacts? 7adkom matshofoon shar


7. two lines? jad, what for?  


8. Theif allah bu-ramya? min sijik?


9. ana bnaya wallah, bas I don’t understand “na7asat ba3ath il-banat” ib kul ma ta7melhu il-na7asa min ma3aaneeey! 


10. et7esh eb-flan, o etha yaa etsoleef ma3ah? shfek shfek? mareeth?




o bas yi3t, baroo7 akil fa6eerty =`]



28 01 2008

I like my room but I really need to re-design my room. I haven’t done anything new and creative. I am now surrounded with off-white walls, white ceiling, a wooden bed, and a small rug. Its nice, but It gives you that feeling, that is empty and need to be filled.

 I have decided to do something ‘new and different’ fa I was browsing thru the internet, and I found some pictures that I really like

1. Reminds me of Johnny Rockets lol 😛 6ab3an the table will be replaced with my bed =F

2. Foooshya 😛 my bed will be added


and I’m looking for a place that sells posters in KUWAIT (pic #1) does anyone know? and please vote, pic #1 or #2. I’m lovin #1 😛

If you like interior design CLICK ME

Source : ke7em

See You Next Year! :P

31 12 2007


As another year draws quickly to close. I would first like to take this opportunity to wish every blogger in the blogosphere the best of luck in 2008. I also would like to thank :

MishrefWeld El-ma6aba, the first male bloggers I’ve met before I start my own blog! 🙂

ChikapappiBlue Dress, the first female bloggers, thank you :*

3baid — daloom, saloom, zaloom, first male bloggers after starting my own blog, thank you! 🙂

EstekanaMishari, first arabic bloggers, thank you! 🙂

Jebla, thank you for putting a smile on my parents face! thank you!!:)

Eshda3wa — Enigma, I though you were sisters lol, don’t ask why! lol, thank you!:*

um-mit3ibLoya, the funniest female bloggers lol! thank you!:*

Vixen, thank you!:*

Yara4ever, MOM!!! sidamteni lol 😛 thank you!:*

MacaholiQ8, food posts please 😛 thank you!

Alien 3aba6 Network, amazing posts, thank you! 🙂 

AmethystN., very talented, thank you! 🙂

Cat, XSmall thank you! 😛

Elijah, Kuwait loves you too, thank you!:*

Bin Khaldoon st., problem solver 😛 thank you 🙂

Swair, mashallah most beautiful eyes! thank you!:*

Purgatory, THE WINNER IS البرغ! 😛 thank you 🙂 

Selezya, mita endish il-jaish? lol 😛 thank you!!:*

Ra7aLah, tadreen?? we both love Ads lol 😛 thank you!:*

:::Shayouma:::, soft-hearted! thank you!:*

Chirp, I love you and your mom 😛 thank you!:*

Ms.D, stop using atkins lol =x thank you!:*

suspec, young and mature, kthnxbye 😛 thank you 🙂

iNoor, do you look like the girl in your header? lol j/k 😛 OO POST! =F thank you!:*

SimperLand, thank you for bringing our traditional old songs back! 🙂

Jabriya Za7ma, thank you for entertaining us in ramadhan!:*

Z District, I like the pics along with motorcycles posts lol! thank you! 🙂

Ms LoaLa, Miss designer 😛 thank you!:*

Q8Disaster,  baroo7 e3maan 3ogob il-swar 😛 lol, thank you! 🙂

Barrak, بو خشيم الفار, ثانكيو lol 😛

ammaro, 3ashaw ahal il-Ba7rain 😛 thank you!! 🙂

‘GreY’, Bo-GreY Jr. 😛 thank you!

Stewie, emwaffag inshallah bro 😀 thank you! 🙂

Bojacob, inshallah il-sena il-ydeda tkoun kheir 3ala il-walid, n thank you 🙂

KuwaitSpeaker, 3indi e7saas bitdish majlis il-ommah 😛 thank you 🙂

and a BIG BIG BIG THANK YOU goes to YOU and to everyone!! =o]



3 11 2007


I’m BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!  il7imdella I’m feeling pretty good. I’m feeling fresh lol! a7is enne yedeeda 😛 (shda3waa? ) lol. People do me a favor and take a break from your work. YOU need it sadgooni =~]



elmoheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeem, I went to Dubai akhhh It’s 3awar galb! This is my second visit to Dubai. I went there in August ’07.   If you didn’t go to Dubai 3ayal I highly recommend Kempinski hotel. It’s classy, luxury and It’s near from “Mall of the Emirates”. shagol sha7chi? bs you should go there. It’s the States in the GCC! I wanted to stay more ma shiba3t 😛 but sadly magdar =[ BECAUSE I’ll start something new tomorrow 😛 If you’re wondering what that is? I’ll tell you! =] tomorrow i will start my new JOB! nyahahahah 😛 I’m a little bit worried o ba6ni ye3awerni 😛 but I’ll get over it inshallah.  Three months of a total joy and relaxation to allahu a3lam. I hope it’ll hold good things for me.

I MISSED ALL OF YOU! Thanks for your sweet wishes everyone *tabchy* 😛





Happy Eid Al-Futtir! =]

12 10 2007


 تقبل الله طاعتكم

3eedkum Mbarak

Man la yashkur ilnaas la yashkir allah =~~]

11 09 2007

I’d like to thank dalooom for helping me in all THIS! thank you so much daloom. also I’d like to thank 3baid for answering my question abt “my old theme”. Thank you chikapappi for your support. Thank you MacaholiQ8 for your kind feelings. Thank you Sarah 3al ta3ziyah =] Un533n thank you so much bro.

Thank you guys wa shoKran =]

I dedicate this song to all ekhwani il bloggers ilmuta3aweneen =[

Note: I like my current theme, It’s so much like the old one, but i still like the prv theme more because of the light-blue =] bas it’s fine “ke7em”